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fall notable reads (things you might have missed and are worth checking out)

Music That Thinks Outside the Chamber, Anne Midgette
“For Gil Morgenstern, a violinist and concert presenter, the epiphany came when an acquaintance informed him that the two most boring words in the English language were “chamber music.
her suggestion: alternative classical? i wish i would have thought of that.

It’s Time For ‘The Talk’, Holly Mulcahy
helping students prepare for a career in music with their eyes wide open.

Making a Living, Greg Sandow
what does a post-classical career look like?

Philip Glass: 25 Years after ‘Einstein On The Beach’, (Frank Oteri interviews)
from 2001… gotta love the interwebs

Critical Point: Web first, blogging, and newsprint, Tim Mangan OC Register
interesting snapshot of how journalism and music criticism is changing

Minimalism as Political Stance, Kyle Gann
Kyle makes a great point about the joys of learning and performing minimalist and “process” pieces

Here’s the problem, (re: Richard Taruskin), Marc Geelhoad
“But the larger point here, it seems to me, is that we’ve now progressed from The Crisis of Classical Music, to The Saving of Classical Music, to Criticism of The Saving of Classical Music”

Like exegesis with that?, David Patrick Stearns
“2 new-music concerts show perils of over-explaining.” sometime a rose is a rose is a rose

Mark Twain’s plans to compete with copyright “pirates” (in 1906), Ken Fisher
“Twain feared that publishers would continue to print his works without paying him, and thus they’d continue to rake in the dough while his heirs got none.”

The Mixed Meters Music Manifesto, David Ocker
“1. I lost my faith in new music years ago. Also my respect for certain “important” composers.”

Ed Burns on Creating ‘The Wire’, Fresh Air, Terry Gross

“The breadth and ambition of “The Wire” are unrivaled and that taken cumulatively over the course of a season — any season — it’s an astonishing display of writing, acting and storytelling that must be considered alongside the best literature and filmmakers” Slate
this show lines up too closely with my experiences teaching in los angeles city schools, thankfully back on the air this spring


Southland Tales, (Mahnola Dargis, NYT review)
“Richard Kelly’s funny, audacious, messy and feverishly inspired look at America and its discontents”

The Road, Cormac McCcarthy
a father and son’s journey in post apocalyptic world (happy stuff)

The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell
great book on how things “tip”


a christmas wish from dr. pete

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