Retrace Our Steps (2008)


Retrace Our Steps is a secular oratorio in 4 acts (2004) based on texts by Gertrude Stein, Guy Debord and Jenny Bitner. the work explores the relationships between idealism, alienation, and consumerism.


(download graphic libretto)

Retrace Our Steps, Graphic Libretto



recorded, edited and mixed by marlon luna and paul bailey (released jan, 2008)

mastered by johnathan marcus (opharion recordings)


nicole baker, mezzo-soprano soloist and speaking parts, karen hogel, soprano, nike st. clair, alto,

sean mcdermott, tenor and paul cummings bass

sam formicola and sam fischer violins, victor lawrence, cello, sean ferguson, electric guitar, matt menaged, electric bass, kyoko kamei and carl stronach vibraphone, eric hendrickson, keyboard, scott mcintosh, bass clarinet.

(commissioned by the cerritos center for the performing arts)


John Schaefer, WNYC/EMusic Review

WNYC CD Pick of the Week (May 08 2008)

WNYC CD Picks of the Year (2008)

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  2. Bill Markis says:

    I love this oratorio. I listen to it frequently. I consider it a great piece!

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