Marc Maron and Ira Glass, WTF?

if you haven’t listened to marc maron’s WTF podcast yet this interview might be a great place to start. i wasn’t expecting much b/c during the past year ihad stopped listening to “This American Life”. for me the show had become to precious; everyone learns a lesson, peoples lives are changed, all loose ends are tied up, but after listening to this interview i might give it another chance sometime in the future.

what was most fascinating about the show was how marc maron was able to get ira glass to open up about his creative process and even getting him to talk about how making a “This American Life” show is sometimes a drudgery (by sharing a great insight on how retelling a story based on work of an investigative reporter is as best like doing a very complex and time intensive ‘cover version’ of the original) it was also fascinating how Ira was also able to deconstruct what makes marc maron’s WTF podcast show feel so authentic.

overall an it was amazing conversation between two of the best ‘mic guys’ on the air/interwebs today. listening to them shooting the shit about the one thing they have in common; that they both only feel comfortable (and self actualized) talking to people from behind a mic.

marc maron interviews ira glass
listen to it here

you might want to check out marc maron’s interview with carlos mencia. it’s a pretty amazing q+a with mencia who over the course of two podcasts slow melts down and basically admits to stealing jokes and reveals himself as a narcissistic asshole who’s whole career has been built on manipulating his friends and fans.

it’s the type of content that you would never hear on radio.

carlos mencia and marc maron, part I
carlos mencia and marc maron, part II

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  1. Roger Fletcher says:

    Ira interview link doesn’t bring him up. Perhaps he has slipped beyond the 50 episode line. :(

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