Bookmarks for May 23rd through May 29th

These are my links for May 23rd through May 29th:

  • Last Night: Top 10 Quotes from KCRW’s Global Street Food Panel – “Some [trucks] are good, some are dreadful. I don’t think it’s accidental that most of the time when they have those competitions, the traditional loncheras win. Lux loncheras are catering to people who love the novelty.” -Jonathan Gold
  • Interview with Glenn Branca – “When you concentrate on the mathematics of it, then you’re back to process, back to tone-row music in a certain sense. That’s not the answer. We have to understand the fundamentals of it, we have to understand the reasons for it, not just using a little bit of the logic and saying ‘well, here’s a system that creates a piece of music, isn’t that interesting?’ That’s not enough for the kind of music that I want to hear. I want to find out how it’s possible to have so much interesting material going on without goind through obvious and overt dramatic change, but at the same time going through continuous, evolving change, drawing you deeper and deeper and deeper into it, without manipulating it. 99.9% of music we hear, no matter what kind of music it is, is a simple manipulation of our expectations, of what we’re already used to hearing, that we’ve heard a hundred times before.”
  • Venn Food Diagrams: L.A.’s Idea of Armenian Food Vs. What Armenians Eat – Los Angeles Restaurants and Dining – Squid Ink
  • Bradley Manning’s Mind – Truthdig – “An investigative video created by the Guardian examines alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning’s psychological condition before he was dispatched to Iraq, concluding that he was probably not fit for overseas duty and that security at his station was remarkably lax. The additional reporting provides a fuller picture of Manning’s motivations—and discloses just how easy it was for him to hijack all that classified “intelligence”
  • The Disappointment(s) of Alberto Gonzales – “For the first time, we are told, Gonzales expressed some measure of regret for his role in the ugly affair. Here’s how Legal Times reporter Tony Mauro reported the story Tuesday: “Obviously everyone is smarter in hindsight. In hindsight you wish you would do some things differently and … I feel disappointment in myself,” Gonzales said, according to filings this week in a pending suit filed on behalf of applicants who were rejected for the program for political or ideological reasons. “I, the attorney general, am ultimately responsible,” Gonzales also said. The revelation, such that it was, made me think of all the other things the former Bush official ought to feel “disappointment” about when he considers his contribution to the public life of this country. Here are a few off the top of my head. “
  • The Many Flowerings of Otomata
  • Eugene Mirman Takes Out a Full-Page Newspaper Ad to Trash Time Warner Cable | Splitsider – “I think pretty much everyone who’s ever dealt with Time Warner Cable knows how god-awful their customer service is, especially when it comes to making and keeping appointments. But while most people have no recourse but to complain to some unlistening customer service drone, Eugene Mirman lived out many a fantasy by writing a letter comparing the cable company to Stalin and Jeffrey Dahmer — and then publishing it as a full-page ad in two newspapers.”
  • Arms and the Man: The Overrated Craft of the Conductor – Seattlest – “Conductors were unheard of in Mozart’s day. Only after composers like Berlioz turned the musical score into a labyrinth of complexity did anyone think a conductor was “necessary” and allow the conductor to be considered an indispensible part of the musical process. The entire Early Music and Baroque revival has contributed greatly to the argument against the outside conductor, but even playing the intricate music of Minimalists like Terry Riley and Steve Reich modern ensembles have begun to operate just fine without one. Contrary to dogma, the conductor is not necessary and is often quite dispensable.”
  • 10 People’s Lives in Famous Photographs – “I thought it would be interesting, and hopefully entertaining, to do a more personalized look at the subjects in some of these well know photographs. The unfamiliar names below will have one thing in common: because of a split second in time with a camera pointing towards, them they will always be remembered as “the person in that photograph” “
  • Call Me a Crazy Uncle – “The idea that what audiences want from your music is sophistication is a composer’s disease, a neurosis, a lie your grad-school teachers infected you with. To “sophisticate,” says the dictionary, is to cause to become less simple and straightforward through education or experience. And I’m continually trying to shed my education and experience to become more simple and straightforward. Call me a crazy uncle – and don’t invite me to any polite social events!”
  • Flavorwire » Hidden Camera Photos of Paris Métro Passengers
  • Circle Into Square | Artist | cars & trains

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