KUCI guest DJ, Sat June 11, 2011

i’m going to be interviewed and a guest DJ on Hobart Taylor’s KUCI radio show tomorrow from around 7-10am (the early bird gets the worm :)

here is the tentative playlist of the music i should be playing that represents some socal (-ish) music that is important to me.

  1. Overture from “The Little Prince”, Lloyd Rodgers (Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra)
  2. Orlando, He Dead, Doug Hein (Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra)
  3. The Swing, Lloyd Rodgers (Lloyd Rodgers Group)
  4. The Shade Never Was, Shane Cadman (The Illustrious Theatre Orchestra)
  5. Wheelbarrow Walk, Michael Nyman (Michael Nyman Band)
  6. Espresto, Jon Brenner
  7. The Black Book, 3/10/01, Lloyd Rodgers
  8. Liberation Technology, Killsonic Marching Group
  9. Wandermix, Bruce Hamilton
  10. Scale One, Paul Muller
  11. ImAngryandYoubeToo, Adam Kondor
  12. The Little Death: I Don’t Have any Fun, Matt Marks
  13. Madison Square, Mikel Rouse
  14. Music for Insomniacs, Shane Cadman

also here is a list of the track of mine i’ll probably play. i’ll add the links and some comments later (for all of the music on the page). in general much of this music can be found on the www.alt-classical.com or www.paulbailey.us websites right now.

Music from my latest Alt-Classical EP (2011)

  1. Life’s Too Short (Radio Edit) Graphic Libretto
  2. An Eye for Optical Theory (Nyman cover)
  3. Fearless Leader

Music from Summerland (2002)

  1. Summerland
  2. Obsessive Love

Retrace Our Steps (2008)

  1. Act 2 (texts by Jenny Bitner and Guy Debord) graphic libretto

Music for Controllers

  1. A Stable Job is an Oxymoron (2009)




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  1. Some sweet tunes you have there!

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