I currently teach Music Education and Music Theory classes at California State University Fullerton and have also taught music at various other schools including Los Angeles City College, Heritage College Ready Academy, Viewpoint School (5-12 Instrumental Music) and John Marshall High School and have been guest artist at Cerritos College, Saddleback College, and a teaching artist at the Cal Arts Experimental Animation department.

I’m also a Composer/Performer/Teacher that explores the broken-consort, open score and modular improvisational ideals. I’m also the leader and founder of the paulbaileyensemble (PBE).

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I studied trombone with Roy Main and Composition and 16th Century Counterpoint with Lloyd Rodgers.  I’m also a member of the Arroyo Arts Collective and live in Highland Park (a suburb of Los Angeles) with my wife and assorted critters (quadraped and biped). I also don’t stand in lines at taco trucks.

I’m also a member of the arroyo arts collective and live in highland park (a suburb of los angeles) with my wife and assorted critters (quadraped and biped).

You can also find me on the interwebs at some of the following places:


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