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it looks like it’s going to work out (2010)

it looks like it’s going to work out (2010)

i have been making music on my train commute each morning to CSUF improvising and creating songs using my new iPad and looping music programs like PatternMusic. So far i’m really enjoying the fact that there is a finally a robust portable music device that you can create/improvise/compose on without a laptop/desktop/studio. yeah the sounds are cheezy, but when it comes to working on computers i have always liked it that way. i’d rather imagine what it could sound like on acoustic instruments than create something that is almost (but not quite)

for the first time it’s nice to take it with you. one one hand i like that it’s kinesthetic, and on the other i’m glad i have good ears cause playing by ear on a grid based pattern/step sequencer can be pretty awkward.

it looks like it’s going to work out: (2010)
It looks like it’s going to work out by paul bailey
improvised and performed using an iPad and PatternMusic (051810)

also pardon the sound quality. for now the only way to record is with a miniplug line out which adds a bit of noise

Paul Bailey: Music for Controllers VI (2009)

Paul Bailey: Music for Controllers VI (2009)

Paul Bailey: Music for Controllers VI (2009)

Music for Controllers VI by paul bailey
this track was based on a field recording i made of my last day of work before my “fall break” at CSUF (a one-week non paid work furlough). a few days later i improvised over the recording of my commute (from highland park to union station) with some materials of an earlier piece i made last spring (not getting fired is the new promotion). when it was finished i felt it was a little too minimal and forgot about it until about a week ago and when i listened to it again i realized it pretty accurately captured my dread of what this financial disaster has become in my life.

interestingly enough on that was the same day on my commute home the conductor on my amtrak route told me that she had lost about 75 daily commuters between san diego and los angeles from a year ago and it was pretty sad how so few of us were left. i know for me there aren’t many part time faculty left in the music department at CSUF and at this point it’s can get pretty depressing whenever i think about all of my friends who are out of work.

probably a little TMI, but yeah… i guess it is a bit dark.

spoken word piece based on twitter RSS feeds on the keywords “fired” and “job”. parts of this piece were originally contained in the piece “not getting fired is the new promotion” (2009)

made using ableton live, novation launchpad, korg kaossilator, iphone (buddha machine, srutibox), text-2-speech, and a field recording (zoom H2) of my morning commute (metro goldline from heritage square to union station; los angeles, ca 10/15/2009 (10 min)

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