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Bookmarks for June 21st through July 24th

Bookmarks for June 21st through July 24th

These are my links for June 21st through July 24th: TALK- Kenneth Goldsmith – Tank Magazine- “NR: Who contributes to Ubu, and how is it curated?KG: Ubu doesn’t generate any of its own content. Instead, films and sounds are taken from very exclusive file-sharing groups and released to the public. The decision as to what […]

Bookmarks for April 30th through May 1st

Bookmarks for April 30th through May 1st

These are my links for April 30th through May 1st: 25 Abandoned Soviet Monuments that look like they’re from the Future | Crack Two – "These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place (like Tjentište, Kozara and Kadinjača), or […]

Now Playing?

Now Playing?

Now Playing one of my favorite iPhone/iPad apps that was an easy way to check on local movie times and reviews is “currently down due to a request by a data provider”.

on one hand i think it was free, but the idea of an app becoming persona non grata without any notice from apple strikes me as unacceptable.

it seems to me that if you are going to have a walled garden software platform then you when you choose to remove something an explanation is due (especially since they have been there since the beginning). an email explaining the problem would be a good start.

granted this hasn’t happened that much with the apps i use on a regular basis. but what if this happened to one of the many music apps i use to perform with? i suppose that might be a little far fetched, but it’s giving me another reason to consider switching to an Google based smartphone after my contract expires in july.


i just got this email from the developer, Cyrus Najmabadi.

“I had to take the app offline due to one of the data providers demanding
more money to license their data.  I’m trying to work through the issue
right now.”

i hope he can come up with a solution that makes financial sense for him.

A Possible Future for Multi-Touch Music Controllers

A Possible Future for Multi-Touch Music Controllers

why the future of multi-touch music controllers might be created outside of apple (using windows 7, linux, or google’s android)

via create digital music talking to stantum (lemur/jazzmutant cofounder Guillaume Largillier)

“In other words, we’re waiting for someone to ship a product that incorporates their technology. Windows 7 already includes multi-touch APIs out of the box in all but its Starter edition, so the Windows platform is a major candidate. Windows, while proprietary, has none of the developer, language, software, or hardware restrictions that the iPad platform does, so if your application doesn’t fit the iPad model or needs pen input, Windows’ stock just rose. Free software is possible too. Linux already supports the Stantum Slate PC and a number of other digitizers, support that will be baked into the kernels shipping in this year’s major Linux distros. We’re not just talking drivers, either: the whole Linux community is working on everything from libraries for environments like Java to support in the windowing system to touch-centric distros. (More on the Linux situation later this week.) Google’s Android has a multitouch API, too. I’ve used it, and got frustrated quickly not because of the OS, but because the hardware on current phone handsets just doesn’t work well with more than one finger. That could change if Stantum’s tech starts to appear in licensee products; Android as a touch OS could take off.”

Bookmarks for Jan-Feb 2010 [Google Reader}

Bookmarks for Jan-Feb 2010  [Google Reader}

Bookmarks from Jan-Feb 2010 [Google Reader]
(just catching up, after moving my bookmarks from delicious to google reader)

  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity – every thing you read in the mainstream media is true” “they call you sheeple” lol
  • DJ TechTools – “Little did G.C. Coleman know that his 5-second drum solo was going to spawn and influence multiple genres of music over the following forty years. In this first edition of DJ History, we are going to roll back the clock, open up DJ class and explore the mysteries of the Amen break, which has became a pivotal part of the dance music landscape. G.C. Coleman was the drummer for funk and soul outfit The Winstons’. In 1969 they released the single “Color Him Father,” which won the band a Grammy and broad critical acclaim. However, It was the B-side to the hit named “Amen, Brother” that would lead to the future evolution of dance music for decades to come. “Amen, Brother” was a quickly recorded B-side for The Winstons’ debut single.”
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Could It Be That the Best Chance to Save a Young Family From Foreclosure is a 28-Year-Old Pakistani American Playright-slash-Attorney who Learned Bankruptcy Law on the Internet? – “Could It Be That the Best Chance to Save a Young Family From Foreclosure is a 28-Year-Old Pakistani American Playright-slash-Attorney who Learned Bankruptcy Law on the Internet? Wells Fargo, You Never Knew What Hit You.”
  • What is Google Wave? | Business Center | Macworld – “Google describes Wave as “what e-mail would look like if it were invented today,” in the world of instant messaging, wikis, and online forums. But while the initial idea may have been to reinvent e-mail, in practice Wave is more akin to Google Docs than it is to Gmail. For example, how many times have you tried to develop a document through e-mail, with all those criss-crossing message threads clogging your inbox? Wave seeks to do away with that, by providing a single, hosted copy of a conversation that everyone can edit and discuss.”
  • BLOG.REPORTERWARSTORIES.COM: 1973: The Yom Kippur War; On The Benghazi Express; Meeting Idi Amin; Getting Strafed; Lunch with the Highjackers -”one of my favorite blogs. a lot of great behind the scenes shop top of “the story behind the story”
  • Expiration dates mean very little. – By Nadia Arumugam – Slate Magazine -”There’s a filet mignon in my fridge that expired four days ago, but it seems OK to me. I take a hesitant whiff and detect no putrid odor of rotting flesh, no oozing, fetid cow juice—just the full-bodied aroma of well-aged meat. A feast for one; I retrieve”
  • A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace – “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.”
  • National Geographic Magazine – – “Yet Dharavi remains unique among slums. A neighborhood smack in the heart of Mumbai, it retains the emotional and historical pull of a subcontinental Harlem—a square-mile (three square kilometers) center of all things, geographically, psychologically, spiritually. Its location has also made it hot real estate in Mumbai, a city that epitomizes India’s hopes of becoming an economic rival to China. Indeed, on a planet where half of humanity will soon live in cities, the forces at work in Dharavi serve as a window not only on the future of India’s burgeoning cities, but on urban space everywhere.”
  • LA Eastside » The Mariachi-Oke Experiment con Trio Ellas – “Mariachi Plaza has been home to many troubadours, seeking to serenade the ears of passersby with their songs for sale. Across the way, this tradition has held true in the local neighborhood bar, Eastside Luv, a familiar and favorite spot of mine and many, away from the “Los Angeles” of late but with an added interactive twist to los Canciones de su Padre. For several months now, the barra monument to many things Mexican and Mexican American culture has been hosting “Mariachi-Oke!”  Yes, it is what it sounds like, and it is the first and third Sunday of every month. Patrons step on to the stage and attempt to belt out the ballads of Beltran, Negrete, Gabriel, and Fernandez without fear and hopefully, without forgetting the lyrics.  There are no bouncing balls highlighting the sing along words; it’s a sink or swim policy that ESL holds, which has filtered out the amateurs, but not always the hard of hearing.”
  • The Find: Magic Wok in Artesia – – “Magic Wok is a porcine palace, a restaurant where the pillars of Filipino cooking are fortified by all things pork. Kids chomp on shards of pig skin as crisp as potato chips, grandparents leisurely ladle hunks of pork from sour tamarind soups — the homey restaurant went whole hog long before quivering cubes of pork belly cropped up on happy-hour menus and bacon became an almost de rigueur dessert.”
  • My Roger Ebert Story – Roger Ebert – Deadspin -Sir, Mr. Ebert, this is Will Leitch, an editor at the Daily Illini. I’ve had a bit to drikn and am going to just ask. There is an old story that you had sex on the EIC desk. Is that true? Everybody wants to knwo. Sorry for this.Best, Will”
  • The Find: The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena – – “The Slaw Dogs is reimagining the humble hot dog with offerings such as a chicken Caesar salad dog, a Thai slaw dog and a Oaxacan dog.”
  • Los Angeles – “On a recent afternoon in the Eastside neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, Fay Green stands in the hallway of her apartment complex, which sits just feet above the bumper-to-bumper traffic of the I-5 freeway. A soft-spoken black woman, she lives with her five kids and one grandson in an urban planner’s idea of perfection: the dense, “Avenue 26″ master-planned community, touted by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the city’s Department of Housing as an environmentally smart “transit-oriented development” in the city’s core, efficiently served by light rail.  From the outside, the stylish-looking village of 156 condos, called Puerta del Sol, and 378 other apartments squeezed between Avenue 26 and the thundering I-5 gives off a Crate & Barrel vibe. But Green’s four-bedroom unit, in the building dubbed Tesoro del Valle Family Apartments, is regularly dirtied by a heavy film of what she calls “dust.” She explains, “I clean the place up, and in two or three days, I have to wipe again.”
  • Peter Gabriel’s Scratch My Back is a most curious creation | Vancouver, Canada | -”The new Peter Gabriel album—and what a rare phrase that has become!—is a most curious creation. An eclectic collection of covers from a fellow known for his original songwriting, it reimagines radio hits as modern-art music, full of shimmering orchestral effects and ethereal mood swings.”
  • The Mozart effect: Studies of music’s effect on children – -”Even the author of the 1993 study that set off the commercial frenzy says her group’s findings — from an experiment that had college students, not babies, listen to Mozart — were “grossly misapplied and over-exaggerated.” Psychologist Frances Rauscher, along with the rest of the field studying music’s effects on the brain, has long since moved on to explore the effect of active musical instruction on cognitive performance.”
  • Well, This Employment Graph Is Just Terrifying – “This graph shows employment declines at the same chronological point during America’s last six recessions. Guess which one represents the current recession. Go ahead, guess. [New York Times(Thanks, Dan!)”
  • Los Angeles subway shots and Hollweird, CA – “i walk these all the time and have never seen them this way. great eye”
  • The New Commandments | Culture | Vanity Fair – “Thus we are fully entitled to consider them as a work in progress. May there not be some old commandments that could be retired, as well as some new ones that might be adopted? Taking the most celebrated Top 10 in order, we find (I am using the King James, or “Authorized,” version of the text):”
  • is there a trail? [Flickr] – “my flickr feed is randomly posting photo’s from this summer”

Bookmarks for March 2nd through March 6th []

Bookmarks for March 2nd through March 6th []

Bookmarks from March 2nd through March 6th:[]

  • A march on March 4th – [] one CSULA student’s point of view of the march 4th marches (via: LA Eastside)
  • Improving Education Through Better Teachers – []
  • Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love – []
  • El TakiTaco – Highland Park – []
  • Like a car accident – []
  • CSUN Protest – []
  • Chimerica – []
  • Advice: Do NOT Get A Circumcision On Craigslist – []
  • Faces of Science #21 – []
  • Michael Hiltzik: More on the Lap-Band guys – []
  • 10 Important Questions About Renee Fleming’s New Indie Album <b>…</b> – []
  • Will Monkey Wrench Collective leave Fullerton? – []
  • CSUF Humanities Building Reclaimed « STRIKE/ORGANIZE/MARCH 4TH – [] “And this is precisely why we are reclaiming the Humanities building: because we do not trust an administration that seeks to marginalize alternative narratives to the University of Phoenix business model (p. 10); because we cannot acquiesce to a university administration that called the 2007 CSUF on-campus noose-hangings merely an “offensive act” and not a hate crime; because we refuse to allow the absence of any disruption to a university system that seeks to expel Muslim students at UC Irvine for protesting a pro-Zionist speaker while a woman who hangs a noose at UC San Diego faces mere suspension; because it is absolutely impossible to offer our complicity towards the systematic downsizing of staff and adjunct faculty; and, finally, because we offer our solidarity to the Tongva Indians who, for 18 years, have been fighting developers to preserve the Puvunga, a burial ground on the western edge of campus of CSU Long Beach.”
  • Toyota flower patch on 110 culture-jammed – []
  • Oppens and Rzewski to play at 9th annual New Music Festival in Fullerton – []
  • Topeka renames itself ‘Google, Kan.’ to campaign for fiber-optic network – []
  • Musician and Critic? « Jim Perkins [] – [] “My last post about tagging mediocre music as tepid has courted me a little criticism from friends who claim that if you go around being negative about other music & musicians you will just end up alienating people and getting your own music slagged off, essentially you can’t be a critic and a musician…”
    Ok rant over…”
  • Adam Lisagor Responds to The iPhone App Review’s Shakedown Attempt – []

  • Bookmarks for October 12th through October 15th []

    Bookmarks for October 12th through October 15th []

    Bookmarks from October 12th through October 15th:[]

    • Views: Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia – Inside Higher Ed -
      “I propose that all academics with research specialties, no matter how arcane (and nothing is too obscure for Wikipedia), enroll as identifiable editors of Wikipedia. We then watch over a few wikipages of our choosing, adding to them when appropriate, stepping in to resolve disputes when we know something useful. We can add new articles on topics which should be covered, and argue that others should be removed or combined. This is not to displace anonymous editors, many of whom possess vast amounts of valuable information and innovative ideas, but to add our authority and hard-won knowledge to this growing universal library”
    • Terminal Degree: Is he kidding? -
      “My previous employer just blogged about the need for a “health care solution that will enable a healthier place for all of God’s children.” Longtime readers of this blog will get the irony: While I was an adjunct there, I couldn’t get health care through my employer. Maybe that sentence should read “all God’s full-time, tenure-track children.”
    • Betty Draper Affair Advice: Not That You Asked | Unsolicited Advice -
      “Betty. Betty, Betty, Betty. I’m not going to recap your various travails here. I’ll leave that to the experts. But I can give you a few concrete pieces of advice (or plot developments, or whatever) that might exponentially increase your happiness. Ready?”
    • The music of Los Angeles on -
      “DavidDavid Weekend fun: Citysounds 2.0 “Exactly one month ago, we introduced you to, a really cool mashup created by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud during the London Music Hack Day. Citysounds is built on top of the SoundCloud API and makes it easy to browse through SoundCloud tracks from a specific city around the world. Today, Henrik and David inform us about a big update they just launched and let me tell you that it’s pretty exciting. They’ve added a great set of features and we think that the current look & feel is a big improvement. So what’s new? Show more tracks from one city: when selecting a city on the frontpage, you’ll be able to click through to the city overview page where it will show you more tracks from that city:”
    • SoundGrid @ mifki -
      “SoundGrid aims to be the most advanced matrix sequencer for iPhone / iPod Touch to create stunning audio-visual performances in a moment and wherever you are. It was inspired by famous Yamaha Tenori-On and popular ToneMatrix webapp by André Michelle. Even if you never composed music you will find SoundGrid simple and exciting to play with and will start creating brilliant compositions in minutes with just the tips of your fingers. Then easily share them with other users and in turn browse, download and rate their creations. Or you can record composition to audio file, upload it directly to SoundCloud or export via email. You can even create your own unique ringtones!”
    • 10/GUI on Vimeo -
      Here it is: my crazy summer project to reinvent desktop human-computer interaction. This video examines the benefits and limitations inherent in current mouse-based and window-oriented interfaces, the problems facing other potential solutions, and visualizes my proposal for a completely new way of interacting with desktop computers.
    • TuneGlue° | Relationship Explorer -
      very interesting music mapping site based on band in
    • Essay – The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate – -
      “Then it will be time to test one of the most bizarre and revolutionary theories in science. I’m not talking about extra dimensions of space-time, dark matter or even black holes that eat the Earth. No, I’m talking about the notion that the troubled collider is being sabotaged by its own future. A pair of otherwise distinguished physicists have suggested that the hypothesized Higgs boson, which physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be so abhorrent to nature that its creation would ripple backward through time and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather”
    • Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » The Spotify Guys
      “Spotify employs P2P software, that’s why it’s so damn good. It takes 2-5 seconds to ramp up each and every song, which has reduced bit rate during that window, but usually that’s a relatively dead window and the listener isn’t paying close attention anyway. Yes, there are tricks. Only seventy five percent of the song is downloaded, an algorithm provides the remaining twenty five percent. This is how they all do it, it’s de rigueur. And the files don’t only come from Spotify’s servers, bits and pieces come from other users with the software installed on their computers. Net effect? It feels like you own the track. Usability is equal to iTunes. You can fast forward, rewind, there’s no lag time. Well, that’s a bit different. You see then Spotify depends on the network. Which is why they’ve limited sign-ups in the nations they’ve already launched in. They want the streaming experience to be perfect on your mobile device, after all, you’re depending on it…”
    • Acclaimed composer Terry Riley celebrated at Bard — Page 2 — Times Union – Albany NY:3351: -
      “Most composers notate a piece to perfection — hoping for a masterpiece, perhaps — and then move on. But Riley is a dabbler. “I’ll present a piece before it’s finished, then it will be different at the next performance,” he says. “Then after 10 years it will take a new shape that I’m happy with and maybe change again after 20 years. It’s because I improvise so much.” …his roots in jazz and Indian ragas should both come through on Saturday. To him, the term improvisation seldom means starting from nothing and just seeing what happen “They’re improvisations but built on existing structures, maybe not chord progressions (as with jazz), but modes and rhythmic cycles and looplike patterns,” Riley explains. “We’ll have a little rehearsal the day before (at Bard), but also a bit of flying by the seat of the pants. I like that and I think these players do, too.”
    • THE RESULTS ARE IN (Brown List 2009) -
      “Welcome to the official site of the 2009 BROWN LIST, brought to you by the Hollywood Temp Diaries. As you’ve gleaned from my postings and your own experiences, there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are a real pain in the ass. Oddly enough, there are some decent people in this town too (they probably won’t make it too far, but that’s their problem). Anyhoo, I’ve compiled a list of people’s MOST-LIKED and LEAST-LIKED entertainment industry executives in something I’m calling the BROWN LIST. Click on the .pdf below and enjoy the read. Thanks to everyone for participating.”
    • Cloud Eye Control joins the traditional and futuristic — -
      “On the fifth floor of the Los Angeles Theater Center in downtown L.A., the members of Cloud Eye Control are trying to create poetry out of collaborative technology. On one end of the large studio, makeshift tables hold laptops and electronic equipment, with a cluster of musical instruments nearby. The middle of the room is dominated by two free-standing screens… It’s only days away from the debut of the full-length version of “Under Polaris” at REDCAT, and there still are snags to work out, transitions to be smoothed. This performance combines live action, recorded animation, multiple projectors, mobile props, and a five-piece live band, so there’s still much to do. And, in the spirit of what Chi-wang Yang, the director of the group, calls do-it-yourself aesthetics, they somehow pull it all together.”

    Bookmarks for July 6th through July 15th []

    Bookmarks from July 6th through July 15th:[]

    • Who Lincoln Was- and was not: Sean Wilentz, The New Republic – Sean Wilentz’s detailed and exhaustive review of six books on abraham lincoln. debunks much of the ‘two lincolns’ and ‘team of rivals’ scholarship and portrays him as a shrewd politician that was far more complex and nuanced than the current trends to deify him. best article i have read all year.
    • Domino | Albums | Parallax Error Beheads You (Special Edition Soup Can) -interesting idea on music packaging”To celebrate the release of Max Tundra’s new album, Parallax Error Beheads You, your friends at Domino are revolutionizing the music industry with the launch of a new kosher format on the 20th October.” Yes, buy a can of Max Tundra’s limited edition Kosher Chicken Soup and you will receive a copy of his new album from our new Domino download store, plus an exclusive bonus download album of covers called Best Friends (a reinterpretation of Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be by Max Tundra’s friends).
    • Jazz: The Music of Unemployment: Soup of the day – “One of the things I am thinking about right now (in addition to thinking about the upcoming tour, and also thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch) is this:How exactly am I going to release the next record? I have pondered a variation of this issue before, of course, but this time out, I’m not so concerned with the optimum media / packaging for the release.”
    • What OC sheriffs learned at Jackson’s funeral – OC Watchdog – -“One point we learned from LAPD, the VIPs invited to the service were not screened for weapons and this posed a problem, should the LAPD have to make rapid deployment into the arena for anything. Several of the VIPs had their own armed body guards and this was noted by the LAPD commanders,” said lieutenant J. Passalaqua. Passalaqua manages special events for Irvine Lakes, the county parks and the Orange County Fair grounds.
    • Create Digital Music » The Music Bore “I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t allow you to listen to Coldplay.” What would radio be like if playlists were not only robotic, but had robot DJs pulling information from the Interwebs dynamically? That’s the question asked by the winning team at London’s Music Hackday last weekend, which created an epic mashup of data sources to produce a voice-synthesized IRC chatbot that researches and plays music for you.
    • Missing Los Angeles violinist found dead – Los Angeles Times – “Coroner’s officials said Korda, 68, had been found unresponsive shortly before 7 p.m. July 8 at a home in Glendale. The violinist was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead less than an hour later, Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman Ed Winter said.” The violinist had gone undetected by investigators looking for Korda because he had been mistakenly entered into the system as “Robert Norda.”
    • CSU might hike student fees by about 20 percent – College Life OC – -”Barely two months after it increased students fees by 10 percent, the California State University system is considering raising fees by about 20 percent to help California balance a budget deficit projected at $26 billion.”
    • Create Digital Music » Cellist Zoe Keating on Quitting Your Day Job, Going on Tour – “Should you quit your day job and go on tour with a rock band? That’s the question answered by cellist Zoe Keating at Ignite, the 5-minute hyperpresentation series put on by O’Reilly.”