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Alt-Classical (2011)

Alt-Classical (2011)

What is Alt-Classical?
DIY, open instrumentation, alternative venues, mix of amateur and professional performers, music lies somewhere between art music (music meant to be contemplated) and pop music (music meant for mass consumption).
Alt Classical EP (2011) by pbailey


Fearless Leader, (2006, revised 2007)
was partially inspired by a quote from the Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti: “ Now there is no taboo; everything is allowed. But one cannot simply go back to tonality, its just not the way. We must find a way of neither going back nor continuing the avant-garde. I am in a prison: one wall is the avant-garde, the other wall is the past, and I cannot escape.”

An Eye for Optical Theory (Michael Nyman Cover)
It is interesting to note that the although all of Nyman’s music from the Peter Greenaway film The Draughtsman’s Contract was derived from a Purcell chaconne, the ground bass (on which this piece is built) was subsequently discovered to have been written by a lesser-known contemporary of Purcell.  This arrangement uses most of the melodic materials from the original piece, freely combining them to create a bizzaro world second cousin of the original.

Life’s Too Short (2006)
is a lighthearted meditation of life, death, and nihilism based on the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche (iconic German philosopher) and John Sinclair (Los Angeles based writer).

Cheap Admiration (2005)
Is loosely based on a harmonic deconstruction of Sonata Ciacona by Johann Pezel (1639-1694) who worked as a musician in Germany and was promoted to town stadtpfeifer (band director) in Leipzig in 1670. Later in his career he applied for and was turned down for the job of Cantor of St. Thomaskirche, a job that J.S. Bach would hold 50 years later.

myinnersatan (2005, revised 2006)
started as a cross between counterpoint exercise and a contemplation of the soul crushing emptiness of desk work.

Principal of Sufficient Irritation (originally titled 11/25/05)
is three sections of five melodic/ostinato gestures that can be performed in endless variety. in rehearsals a unique roadmap and orchestration is decided upon and explored during the performance. The title is based on an interesting concept in P.K. Dick’s “Ubik”.

Undone (The Sweater Song)
Weezer cover FTW!

Paul Bailey Ensemble (PBE)

is an alt-classical garage band that plays the music of a variety of living and dead composers. The group was created in 2002 as DIY forum outside the usual and limited channels of art music presentation.


released 16 February 2011
Paul Bailey, Trombone
Bruce Gallego, Electric Guitar
Eric Hendrickson, Keyboards
Scott McIntosh, Clarinet
Ryan Nunes, Vibraphone
Carl Stronach, Bass Guitar
With Special Guest Piano
John Marr on “Undone (The Sweater Song)”

Life’s Too Short Vocals

Nicole Baker, Mezzo Soprano, Spoken Word
Sean McDermott, Tenor
Paul Cummings, Bass

Life’s Too Short Graphic LIbretto

Recorded, Edited, and Mixed by Paul Bailey and Marlon Luna
Mixing and Mastering Consultant/Coach/Head Cheerleader Jon Brenner
Recorded at California State University Fullerton, Swing House Studios Hollywood, and Because They Are Dead Studios, Highland Park

Bookmarks from November 15th through November 20th 2010

Bookmarks from November 15th through November 20th 2010

“Some points to ponder: Do you make music with a venue, a context in mind? Do you create music for dive bars? Riverboats? Stadiums? Raves? Cars? iPods? Where is your music meant to be heard?” link: David Byrne Tells You Why You Probably Make Music For iPods : The New Rockstar Philosophy “The celebrities from […]

Bookmarks from August 16th through August 22nd 2010

Bookmarks from August 16th through August 22nd 2010

“And then it’s time for the Cosmic Flip concept that my long lost friend Heriberto was fond of discussing : maybe the lack of importance makes it super important. I won’t delve into this serious filosophizing, but it was something to that effect. In any case, I think I’ve done my small part in describing […]

Frogtown Revealed

Frogtown Revealed

who knew amoeba records has a blog in which they cover los angeles neighborhoods? more power to them for getting to the bottom of why elysian valley is called “frogtown”

“The community was first known as Gopher Flats around 1900, when it was established for railroad workers. It got its nickname of Frogtown in the 1930s. Back before the river was flood controlled, there were thousand of toads (not frogs) that invaded the neighborhood, with the last wave occuring in the 1970s. In the same decade, the name Frogtown ended up becoming associated with the local gang, Frogtown, who then numbered 3,000 members. The graffiti suggests they’re much diminished now, with most of the heavy tagging done by Echo Park gangs.”

they say gangs, i think it’s mostly tagging crews

via ameoblog

i don't like time-warner either, but…

i don't like time-warner either, but...

i don’t like time-warner either, but some of the people in my neighborhood are dumb-asses

A 28-year-old cable technician for Time Warner was disconnecting a cable from a residential user for payment issues, when he was confronted by Jesus Velasco, 28, who lived at that residence. While the cable technician (eventual victim) was away from his locked van, Velasco went to the vehicle and attempted to get in. The victim told Velasco to get away from his van, at which time Velasco charged him with fists clenched. The victim, who carries pepper spray to protect himself from dogs, displayed the canister and threatened to spray Velasco if he came closer.

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links for 2010-04-07

links for 2010-04-07
  • “But the reality is that our jobs are at stake. Failure to meet state standards exactingly will lead to a book not being adopted, which leads to losing out on huge amounts of money–money that *has already been spent to produce the books.* To give you some idea of the scale of this issue for us: When a math book I worked on was in danger of missing a deadline for California adoption, there was serious talk about shutting the entire department down. *The math department.* Department after department has gone down in some companies. We are already in a situation where budgetary constraints are causing states like Florida and California to put off buying more books, threatening jobs across the entire industry.”
  • ” His ongoing role as joke-within-a-joke grows ever larger and funnier, ever more self-referential and -reflective, the cosmic snake eating its own tail, until 2004. It is then that Shatner begins a five-year stint, first on The Practice, then on Boston Legal, in a role—as a blustery, buffoonish lawyer named Denny Crane who trades on long-lost greatness—that is so frankly a point-on mockery of William Shatner’s career and symbology, that is William Shatner, that it’s at first embarrassing to watch. It is also in 2004 that Shatner follows up on his 1968 LP, The Transformed Man—a compilation of spoken-word cover songs unlikely to be supplanted as the most ridiculed album ever made—with a CD called Has Been, a collection of original prose poems set to music by Ben Folds. Anyone ever subjected to The Transformed Man gasps, “How dare he?” Yet something about Has Been, a combination of the acid wit, self-laceration, and unabashed yearning Shatner exudes, makes the album great…”
  • “A study just published in the journal Psychology of Music suggests his experience was far from unique. It finds that reading a what-to-listen-for guide before hearing a piece of music seems to make the actual aesthetic experience less pleasurable.
    “Descriptions may interfere with the directness and intimacy with which listeners are able to experience a work,” writes Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis of the University of Arkansas. “It may distance listeners, or place them at a remove — as if they were listening through someone else’s ear.”
  • “At times, Los Angeles still feels fragile, a sprawl of hubristic nature-defiance, unable to shake its noir sketchiness. If a half-inch of rain calls for breathless TV updates and canceled social events, what would a serious earthquake do to the hard-won stability of the new civic order?

    Chief Beck has his fingers crossed. “Absent some huge social disorder, this will be a golden age of policing,” he predicted. “I have been to every neighborhood of this city and the most popular piece of government now, by far, is the police officer.”

links for 2010-04-05

links for 2010-04-05
  • “A year-old music blog. (Wow, time flies.) Dallas based, but needs a transfer to Montreal, stat. First to scoop “Creep” by Radiohead. OK, scratch that: like I said, they’ve only been doing this a year. But if Radiohead ever records a second track named “Creep,” they will definitely scoop that one.
    No affiliation with the prog-rock band Muse, especially after The Resistance. Contributors are co-workers Patrick and Fred, the lives of whom are otherwise so packed to the gills that you should have no doubt that The Muse encroaches on their work day. They only really agree on Deftones; Fred otherwise describes Patrick’s musical interests as “strum strum hippie yodel.” Just as Patrick describes Fred’s as “terrible.” Yet somehow the two reach a daily armistice; the written, ever-evolving text of which is known regionally as The Muse in Music.”
  • “These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.

    They all feature “creative” spelling or grammar.

    This new dialect of the English language shall be known as “Teabonics.”

  • “Though it looks kinda boring and unspectacular, this is easily the best example of the dish I’ve had to date. Never mind that the rice and beans were perfect, which in itself is an odd occurrence. The tortitas were the right balance of nopales, tortas, and chile sauce. Even though it was a quite mild sauce in terms of spiciness, it was rich with flavor, the kind you just want to spoon up and drink. Plus these tortas were soft and pliable, though they kept their form. Too many as of late have been quite hard and tough to eat. Not at Lencho’s.”
  • “Three weeks ago the hard drive in my MacBook Pro went bad. So far as I can tell, I didn’t lose a single byte of data. Here’s how:”
  • “A tribute to the slowness of anxiety, by Instructor of Music at California State University, Fullerton Paul Bailey. His introduction speaks of his distress over the current economic downturn, but the music itself is absolutely timeless.”
  • “See, Dr. Drew never met Corey Haim, the police haven’t determined what substance (if any) killed him, but Dr. Drew is pretty certain he knows what killed this total stranger—that’s how great of a doctor he is. He can diagnose and determine cause of death just by hearing someone’s name! He’s basically Miss Cleo but with a medical degree so people (wrongfully) take him seriously”
  • “So why don’t I charge? A large part of it is that composing is something I do because I want to, and because I really am passionate about it. Call it a “hobby” or whatever, but it’s what I enjoy doing, and once you start monetizing that, I think it becomes more of a job than something you do as an escape. Don’t get me wrong-I like my day job, I like being a physician, etc. But you can like your job and still get paid for it. For me (and I stress, this is just what works for me), charging for my music is not something I’m interested in. I’d feel like a prostitute. We don’t parent for money, right? I also don’t compose for money. QED.”
  • “Now let me give you a marketing tip. The people who can afford to buy books and magazines and go to the movies don’t like to hear about people who are poor or sick, so start your story up here [indicates top of the G-I axis]. You will see this story over and over again. People love it, and it is not copyrighted. The story is “Man in Hole,” but the story needn’t be about a man or a hole. It’s: somebody gets into trouble, gets out of it again [draws line A]. It is not accidental that the line ends up higher than where it began. This is encouraging to readers.”
  • “I was pretty confident that ‘In C’ was going to have a life, even in the beginning,” he says. “It was a pretty startlingly original idea in its time, and it just came to me. It developed out of a lot of interests that I had at the time. Being able to get this piece written on a piece of paper and still have such a vast potential, I think, is an unusual accomplishment. I saw that, but I didn’t realize how pervasive the influence of that piece would be over the years.”
  • very reasonable take on educational reform by the union rep of deb’s middle school
  • “Black settlers from what is now Sonora, Mexico, helped establish the first settlement in 1781. The labor of Tongva Indians helped raise the plaza’s church in the 1820s. The histories of L.A.’s Latino barrios and Chinatown also begin at the plaza, which was the site of one of the great crimes of Los Angeles history, the Chinese Massacre of 1871.

    In 1909 the City Council banned free speech in public areas except for the plaza — which became a gathering spot for anarchists and radicals of various stripes, including the Mexican revolutionary Ricardo Flores Magon. Chinese nationalists founded a military academy there in 1903 to train men to fight the Manchu dynasty.”

  • “Having 80.8% of the alphabet available is significantly below the 99.9% full letter uptime reliability we strive for. Since identifying the root case of this issue, we’ve started bringing vowels back to Gmail, so you should see them back in your account within the next few hours if you don’t already. In the meantime, while you may still see this issue in Gmail’s web interface, both IMAP and POP access are functioning normally. We’ll post an update as soon as things are fully resolved and, again, we’re v3ry s0rry”
  • “Minimalism taken to a new level.
    Unfortunately for Eastman, he did not live long enough, and these works have been resurrected with great effort.”

Bookmarks for July 16th through July 19th []

Bookmarks from July 16th through July 19th:[]

    091406 011bw

  • WNYC – New Sounds: Minimalist Music Theatre (July 2009) -”Minimalist Music Theatre Hear some music theatre pieces on this New Sounds show. Listen to Philip Glass‘s recent release “Waiting for the Barbarians,” adapted from the novel by the South African writer and Nobel Prize Winner John Coetzee. Also, there’s music by Paul Bailey – his post-minimalist music theatre piece “Retrace our Steps.” He describes it as a four act vocal/instrumental spectacle based on texts by Gertrude Stein, Guy Debord and Jenny Bitner. The “alt-classical garage band” Paul Bailey Ensemble performs the work”
  • Big Brother Is Listening – The Classical Beat (Anne Midgette) – - -Anne Midgette neatly sums up “But statements like “Art Music is in many ways objectively superior to Pop ‘Music’” (note the quotes) make me grit my teeth and want to play Talking Heads albums really, really loudly. And this, from the FAQ, is just stupid: “The ‘music’ is melodically, harmonically, rhythmically, structurally, texturally, dynamically, thematically and conceptually barren compared to Art Music; it’s also spiritually and politically shabby by comparison. It’s short, trite and highly repetitive.” One is tempted to order a copy of Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” for the site’s editors, just for starters, but one wouldn’t know where to send it. Indeed, there’s something vaguely creepy about musoc’s deliberate anonymity, which is evidently part of its philosophy, though there are limits to how much an audience will care about what a website says if one doesn’t know who’s writing it.”
  • Celebrating Cronkite while ignoring what he did – Glenn Greenwald – – In the hours and hours of preening, ponderous, self-serving media tributes to Walter Cronkite, here is a clip you won’t see, in which Cronkite — when asked what is his biggest regret — says (h/t sysprog): What do I regret? Well, I regret that in our attempt to establish some standards, we didn’t make them stick. We couldn’t find a way to pass them on to another generation. It’s impossible even to imagine the likes of Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw and friends interrupting their pompously baritone, melodramatic, self-glorifying exploitation of Cronkite’s death to spend a second pondering what he meant by that.
  • Philip Glass to perform film, opera works at Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles Times – With “Koyaanisqatsi” — the name means “life out of balance” in Hopi — Glass had more than two years to work on the score. “There was no one waiting for the film — there was no distributor! So we were left alone to make a film — which I realized later was a great luxury.” Today Glass is struck by how pertinent the film seems, at a time when its notions of the world’s interconnectedness and the runaway power of technology have gone mainstream. But the film’s identity has changed since its premiere in 1982.”When we first showed it,” he says, “people thought it was a head trip. People seriously thought you had to get high before you watched it. It wasn’t too long, only four or five years, for people to realize there was actually a movie.”
  • Guest Blog: The Actors Diet: How I’m Recovering – Carrots ‘N’ Cake -Guest Blog: The Actors Diet: How I’m Recovering “…I’ve been struggling with binge eating and anorexia for a while; if you read my bio on our blog page you’ll see a little more about my history with food. I know a lot of women look up to actresses, and there are plenty of them who are in great shape, healthfully (my co-blogger Christy being one of them). As somebody who has been celebrated for her figure (in my feature film debut I played a ballet dancer AND got naked), I am proof that sometimes it is a false ideal, even when you have all the resources available to you, like a personal trainer, meal deliveries, a shrink, hypnosis coach, a best friend who’s a nutritionist…I felt like I had legitimate reasons to obsess about my weight – after all, my career depended on it.”
  • Intolerable Beauty: Chris Jordan Photographs American Mass Consumption – Photographer Chris Jordan describes the photos in his series “Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption” as his “first foray into being an engaged artist.”
  • US State Department employees ask Hillary clinton for Firefox – Video – “Have you been trying to get your corporate IT staff to let you use Firefox or another web browser instead of Internet Explorer? Then you apparently know how a fair number of folks at the US State Deparment feel. At a recent town hall meeting with staff, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received a question from one government employee who wanted to know if they could “please” use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. You can see the Q&A by skipping to the 26:32 point in the video above. ” []
  • Los Angeles News – Russian or Armenian Mob Used “Model Employee” Con at PCH Arco --
    An organized-crime ring that police believe is Russian or Armenian targeted a high-volume Redondo Beach Arco gas station, assigned a low-level soldier to infiltrate it and waited eight months while he worked himself into a position where he could implant a tiny, high-tech “skimmer” to steal customers’ credit-card information.
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Bookmarks for July 3rd through July 5th []

Bookmarks for July 3rd through July 5th []

Bookmarks from July 3rd through July 5th:[]

  • Daily Kos: Scientists Visit the Creation Museum – “Tamaki Sato was confused by the dinosaur exhibit. The placards described the various dinosaurs as originating from different geological periods — the stegosaurus from the Upper Jurassic, the heterodontosaurus from the Lower Jurassic, the velociraptor from the Upper Cretaceous — yet in each case, the date of demise was the same: around 2348 B.C. “I was just curious why,” said Dr. Sato, a professor of geology from Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan” Poor Dr. Sato. Has he never read the Bible? Doesn’t he know that 2348 BC was the year of the Great Flood?
  • Wonkette : Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter – he he she said snowbilly grifter. “Sarah Palin, a snowbilly grifter who spent her entire adult life desperately trying to become a Public Figure, apparently wants her attorneys to stupidly and pointlessly threaten American practitioners of free speech regarding our public figures and elected officials.”
  • home: music, society, music society -interesting un-authored site that tries to push an unique “art music” worldview. right now the general consensus is that its a parody (at NNM)
    • 1. define all music in only two categories; pop and art (really no folk music?)
    • 2. has a hall of shame for the “individuals and institutions who debase art music” (why not in good fun?)
    • 3. have a set of criteria for all art music (there definition of art music is ambitious but fatally flawed, they trip themselves up in the complexity argument, also by giving any music/idea a fixed criteria pretty much makes it dead on the spot to be dissected in a vacuum sealed bell jar and not a living breathing ‘art’ form)
    • 4. have a list of ‘approved’ art music (not a bad idea, but looking at their list makes me confident i wouldn’t ever want to be a member of their ‘club’)
    • 5. have a list of neglected classics (see #4)
    • 6. have a mailing list (why not… it would be interesting to see what they think)
  • ‘Freebird’ ultimately unforgettable — -Lynyrd Skynyrd released the song 35 years ago. Since then, it has been an anthem, a demand, an ode to personal independence and the lamest heckle in the history of rock.
  • Feed Us A Live Insect: I will always love you Mr. T’s-Bowl – great post (by eli of the monolators) on the ups and downs on my favorite venue to play in Los Angeles.
  • This Is Why You’re Fat and other great single-topic blogs. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine -
    The allure of crowd-sourced, single-topic blogs.
  • The BRAD BLOG : EXCLUSIVE: PALIN RESIGNATION ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ FOR COMING ‘ICEBERG SCANDAL’ … MORE: EMBEZZLEMENT INDICTMENTS COMING? -since i posted this the FBI has come out to say that there is no truth to the online rumors. after seeing the press conference i still think she was out of her mind scared and quit for a pretty good reason. only time will tell.
  • YouTube – Music plays with the listener -interesting youtube video on music cognition (via @laputean)
  • Poisson Rouge’s sense of musical adventure | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times -Marc Swed checks out the poisson rouge in NYC. “The place isn’t merely cool, as the New York Times has dubbed it, the venue is a downright musical marvel. I wasn’t miserable on Monday, which I might have been with this program. Instead, I found the evening such a pleasure that I hope there is room on the crowded Poisson Rouge bandwagon for yet another critic.”

Bookmarks for June 26th through June 29th []

Bookmarks from June 26th through June 29th:[]

  • Los Angeles New Music Ensemble – looks like there is a new music group in town.  welcome aboard!  “The Los Angeles New Music Ensemble (LANME) is an organization created to promote new music, collaboration within the arts, the commissioning of new works, and the creation of multimedia presentations within innovative live performances. To further these goals, LANME is dedicated to learning and playing the best and most exciting new chamber music around.”
  • New school board members ready for challenge – LA Daily News -former John Marshall High School colleague Steve Zimmer is interviewed as he prepares to become a school board member. “Zimmer admits that scarier than dealing with a billion-dollar deficit is the idea of not being on the campus of Marshall every day. It will be interesting to see if someone immersed on the ground level can translate that experience to doing a good job on the board,” Zimmer said.” As a teacher, Zimmer has also been a very active member of United Teachers Los Angeles, which has prompted some to believe his vote will always follow the powerful union’s stance. I don’t accept that voting on the side of the union is siding against students,” he said “
  • laboratory tests of vegan restaurants in la | vegan food and living in Los Angeles -
    very interesting blog post that tests a number of LA restaurants to see if their food was really vegan. (fyi: i’m not and my wife is a pescatarian) although there were some meals that were obviously misrepresented as vegan, it seems the biggest culprit might be the mislabeling and mistranslation of food from the taiwan to us markets.
  • A Chapter from The Listen: Music for 18 Musicians – these excerpts are being touted as a new type of music criticism and a new way to attract audiences. i hate to throw a bucket of cold water on these ambitious young writer/composers, but the excerpts are overwritten and seem musically naive, trying to impress a faculty advisor in grad school. hence exhibit A and B: “
  • And now melody. And now melodies. The melodies here being the playings-out of the harmonies. The harmonies being the on-ringing of all the melodic notes” “
  • The harmonies are one harmony that absorbs the up-till-now waves of the other harmonies, that absorbs the leftover pulses. This accumulated on-ringing describes a recognizable environment… —a single addition to the bottom of the harmony—acts as a diaphragm, allowing this environment to open and to breathe in”
  • this play by play description doesn’t work for me and its certainly not the way i would want people to read about my music. i think a better tack would be to try and distill what makes these pieces great.
  • You balance the budget – Los Angeles Times -Try your hand at closing California’s budget shortfall, estimated at $24 billion. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Cut spending, raise taxes and/or borrow to get the state out of the red. For each choice — drawn from proposals from across the political spectrum — we’ve tried to give some sense of the effects. As you craft your proposal, the Deficit Meter will show your progress.
  • The tragic end of Michael Jackson: The Jeruselum Post – very tragic michael jackson quote that is further proof that fame is not a replacement for love “I am going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame, and I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I wanted to be loved. That’s all. That’s the real truth. I wanted people to love me, truly love me, because I never really felt loved. I said I know I have an ability. Maybe if I sharpened my craft, maybe people will love me more. I just wanted to be loved, because I think it is very important to be loved and to tell people that you love them and to look in their eyes and say it.”
  • I’m in a band… -via S21, i’m glad to see other composer/performers starting their own groups
  • Just Released: “New World Ardor”- NetNewMusic – willam houston’s new (and very enjoyable) post-apocalypse party music. reminds me of john oswald’s ‘plunderphonics’

Bookmarks for the week: June 22nd through June 26th [];

Bookmarks from June 22nd through June 26th:[]

Requiem for a High Homicide Enclave (05-16-2008)

Requiem for a High Homicide Enclave (05-16-2008)

Requiem for a High Homicide Enclave (Live at REDCAT 05-16-08) from paul bailey on Vimeo.
Requiem for a High Homicide Enclave is a mashup based on excerpts from the from the LA Times Homicide Report which documents every murder that takes place in Los Angeles County using blog posts, comments, and Google Maps combined with a deconstruction

sorry its taken a while to get this one up, that’s what a busy fall will do for you. this performance was based only one the LA county homicide statistics through may 16 2008. right now i’m planning to update the piece and perform it a few times in 2009, but this is complicated with the fact that the LATimes suspended the homicide blog in november. i have a few ideas of how i’m going to update it. we are also planning to get together this spring and make a proper recording.

the audio is from the premier performance of the requiem at the REDCAT spring studio spring studio last may at the roy and edna disney cal arts theater at disney hall) featuring my co-conspirators sylvia desrochers (soprano) paul cummings (bass) bruce gallego (electric guitar) and myself playing the korg kaossillator, and a macbook pro running ableton live triggering a deconstructed looping continuo (henry purcell’s man that is born of a woman) with a fcb1000 midi pedal.

Music: Henry Purcell/Paul Bailey
Video: Paul Bailey
Libretto: LA Times Homicide Blog

zeitgeist (nov 2008)

personal zeitgeist, late fall 2008

  1. the economy is really bad right now. none of the schools i work at are willing to schedule spring classes until they know more about the CA state budget cuts. we usually know our classes by the 2nd week of september, and have already cut the spring schedule by about 25%. right now it looks like another 30% might be cut.  everybody keeps saying if the money is not there, then its not there.
  2. another warning sign about the economy on last week’s left, right, and center podcast i heard very intelligent
    mature adults sound scared for the first time in my life. when all three of them agree, it cannot be good.
  3. Do we really know who the real Obama is?  I get the feeling he has been gaming the system (in a positive way) to get himself elected and will hopefully be much more liberal and progressive then he has let on. my guess is that he has had the best poker face ever for the last two years.
  4. the la times discontinued its homicide blog. this is wrong for so many reasons, but it was probably one of the only things the LA times could do to help this city save its soul (and any other large homicide enclave) by bearing witness to the many minority homicides that happen every day and go unreported because they do not affect the middle or upper class. just as i was getting a handle on how many years that we have ignored this problem, the paper pulls the plug. of course this doesn’t change my plans, it only doubles my effort
  5. charter schools might be the only way to save public education. this semester has been less monkey business and more teaching than any secondary school i have taught. most of the success goes to the small school community, its small enough were everybody feels responsible for their actions.  the obvious problem to this reform is that you cannot turn all schools into charters. also the la times highlights a report stating that charter schools are leading the pack in improving achievement scores in poor children.
  6. baby mozart was a scam! via new yorker “As children explore their environment by themselves—making decisions, taking chances, coping with any attendant anxiety or frustration—their neurological equipment becomes increasingly sophisticated, Marano says. “Dendrites sprout. Synapses form.” If, on the other hand, children are protected from such trial-and-error learning, their nervous systems “literally shrink.”
  7. meme for alex shapiro coming soon…

RealNewMusic 2008

RealNewMusic 2008 Saturday, June 21, 2008, 7:00 pm Tickets $10.00 / $7.50 / $5.00 (students & seniors) The Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts Whittier College, 6760 Painter Ave., Whittier Box Office: 562.907.4203 Google map to the Shannon Center featuring: PBE is an alt-classical garage band that plays the music of a variety […]

high homicide enclave, 01/01/08-06/15/08

i just got done updating my custom google maps of the la county homicide statistics from 01/01/2008-06/14/2008. since the beginning of the year there have been 362 homicides in los angeles county. View Larger Map so far this year the homicide rate is actually down 5% for the year. this time last year there were […]

he was mad against this life

REDCAT Spring StudioMay 17 & 18, 2008, 8:30 pmRoy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater631 W 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 The latest edition of REDCAT’s ongoing performance series brings together a dynamic range of six emerging and established Los Angeles artists to launch new projects, investigate new forms and experiment with new ideas. Curated by […]

it was my third year

as i said before requiem for a high homicide enclave is my attempt to make sense of the latimes homicide report. i first encountered the blog, comments and maps reading about the death of los angeles high school band member michael pena and reading his story it brought back a lot of memories that i […]

soiveheard #2, wallpaper endangered REPOST

since i can’t seem to find this anywhere on the interwebs i will repost this. its from alan rich’s new blog ( which seems to be down… soiveheard#2 by Alan Rich Wallpaper Endangered: According to one survey or another, anywhere from 30 to 50,000 people listen to classical music all day. That number can include […]

breeding stock

i just heard from martin perlich that next week’s pledge-drive at KCSN has been canceled and this probably signals the university wanting to change the format and ship all the programming to a syndicate like minnesota public radio. most of this town is already run from elsewhere, we have seen how that is working with […]

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i’m it. and since i’m done for the night i can play along with this meme… 1. pick up the nearest book. ok, on my left is my full bookcase… that’s shooting fish in the barrel. many a book i could pull show how “serious” i am. (ohh… rameau’s treatise on harmony would make me […]

requiem for a high homicide enclave

requeim for a homicide crime enclave from paul bailey on Vimeo. (trailer) Requiem for a High Homicide Enclave is a deconstruction of Purcell’s Funeral Music for Queen Mary (1694) based on excerpts from the from the LA Times Homicide Report which documents every murder that takes place in Los Angeles County using blog posts, comments, […]

carne asada is not a crime

Dear Supervisor Molina, I am writing to express serious concern regarding the actions you have taken against the taco trucks in our neighborhoods. As a member of the Eastside community, I greatly value our local street vendors–for their food, service, and especially culture. Taco trucks fill many voids left by traditional restaurants, whether it is […]


its a shame that alan rich was pushed out as the la weekly’s classical music critic this week. this is another reason to not read the exceedingly corporate LA Weekly. first they get rid of any real “alternative” political reporting and now this. even when i didn’t agree with his conclusions, i appreciate mr. rich’s clear and pointed reviews and the context he brings to any concert he attends. his institutional memory of the los angeles music scene cannot be replaced.

what gets me really upset is the way he is being treated, i have seen too many examples of colleagues and friends who have given their live for their “job” being pushed aside and into retirement by the whims of management. by observing how most employers treat their “mature” staff its easy to get an idea of what is in store for us. i think any professional that has put in the years supporting and building the organizations that make up our community should be able to pick the way they want to go out (within reason). i think while many view retirement as a time to play play golf, drink beer and play cards, if Mr. Rich wants to keep writing in his “golden years”, then more power to him.

I suggest that if the LA Times can rethink the “forced buyout” of the esteemed Al Martinez, then LA Weekly should consider the same for Mr. Rich.

btw… how did we get to a point that a majority of our print media is being dictated by bean counters in chicago and phoenix? at least southland publishing is getting it done.

fake old new world

just listened to the kpcc (los angeles) zocalo podcast that featured uber architect thom mayne. like most discussions the interesting quotes start in the last five minutes (about 46:38). enjoy… we are living in a time where the majority of people (maybe even some of you) prefer to live in fake french provincial or tudor […]