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Bookmarks for July 3rd through July 5th []

Bookmarks for July 3rd through July 5th []

Bookmarks from July 3rd through July 5th:[]

  • Daily Kos: Scientists Visit the Creation Museum – “Tamaki Sato was confused by the dinosaur exhibit. The placards described the various dinosaurs as originating from different geological periods — the stegosaurus from the Upper Jurassic, the heterodontosaurus from the Lower Jurassic, the velociraptor from the Upper Cretaceous — yet in each case, the date of demise was the same: around 2348 B.C. “I was just curious why,” said Dr. Sato, a professor of geology from Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan” Poor Dr. Sato. Has he never read the Bible? Doesn’t he know that 2348 BC was the year of the Great Flood?
  • Wonkette : Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter – he he she said snowbilly grifter. “Sarah Palin, a snowbilly grifter who spent her entire adult life desperately trying to become a Public Figure, apparently wants her attorneys to stupidly and pointlessly threaten American practitioners of free speech regarding our public figures and elected officials.”
  • home: music, society, music society -interesting un-authored site that tries to push an unique “art music” worldview. right now the general consensus is that its a parody (at NNM)
    • 1. define all music in only two categories; pop and art (really no folk music?)
    • 2. has a hall of shame for the “individuals and institutions who debase art music” (why not in good fun?)
    • 3. have a set of criteria for all art music (there definition of art music is ambitious but fatally flawed, they trip themselves up in the complexity argument, also by giving any music/idea a fixed criteria pretty much makes it dead on the spot to be dissected in a vacuum sealed bell jar and not a living breathing ‘art’ form)
    • 4. have a list of ‘approved’ art music (not a bad idea, but looking at their list makes me confident i wouldn’t ever want to be a member of their ‘club’)
    • 5. have a list of neglected classics (see #4)
    • 6. have a mailing list (why not… it would be interesting to see what they think)
  • ‘Freebird’ ultimately unforgettable — -Lynyrd Skynyrd released the song 35 years ago. Since then, it has been an anthem, a demand, an ode to personal independence and the lamest heckle in the history of rock.
  • Feed Us A Live Insect: I will always love you Mr. T’s-Bowl – great post (by eli of the monolators) on the ups and downs on my favorite venue to play in Los Angeles.
  • This Is Why You’re Fat and other great single-topic blogs. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine -
    The allure of crowd-sourced, single-topic blogs.
  • The BRAD BLOG : EXCLUSIVE: PALIN RESIGNATION ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ FOR COMING ‘ICEBERG SCANDAL’ … MORE: EMBEZZLEMENT INDICTMENTS COMING? -since i posted this the FBI has come out to say that there is no truth to the online rumors. after seeing the press conference i still think she was out of her mind scared and quit for a pretty good reason. only time will tell.
  • YouTube – Music plays with the listener -interesting youtube video on music cognition (via @laputean)
  • Poisson Rouge’s sense of musical adventure | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times -Marc Swed checks out the poisson rouge in NYC. “The place isn’t merely cool, as the New York Times has dubbed it, the venue is a downright musical marvel. I wasn’t miserable on Monday, which I might have been with this program. Instead, I found the evening such a pleasure that I hope there is room on the crowded Poisson Rouge bandwagon for yet another critic.”

Bookmarks for the week: June 22nd through June 26th [];

Bookmarks from June 22nd through June 26th:[]

nyc winter break 06

i’m back and finally settling down from my nyc vacation. this year the wife finally traveled with me and we crammed a whole lot into the trip. she is in grad school for the next 3 years and i know we might not get any extended vacation for quite a while.

the first few weeks of the new year is a pretty light time for music, but i was lucky to catch corey dargel’s performance of his new piece “removable parts” at the here performance space. as my friend sean says “he really has his coffee cup”

i was interested to see him perform live. the irony that flowed freely during the performance works much better in his lyrics than the banter between songs. i really admire his ability to create a sonic pallete for each song. his strength comes from a real unique and subtle instrumental settings of his lyrics.

added note-
i just realized the main difference between corey’s songs and those of overly “celebrated” arrangements of jon brion and wilco is that corey understands he doesn’t need to throw the kitchen sink in with the soup. the “studio” bands that obsess on the fetish commodity of adding arcane and strange muscial sounds to create an musical interest are only trading on musical pastiche. i.e. the arrangements end up making no sense in live performance. at first glance corey’s songs seem to live in this world of artifice, but actually are the real deal and are their own world.

other musical performances were mostly uninspiring sets at the lower east side clubs. standing around in my winter coat with an eight dollar beer really sucks. i didn’t find the diamond in the rough like the last trip, but i’ll still drag my ass out in search of the band that can string more than two good songs together.

the rest of the trip was divided by days making the tour of the local museums (the whitney is still my favorite) , dance and theatre. after a few puzzling nights this fall trying to understand los angeles wunderkind ken roht’s theatre hijinks, i decided to try out some of ny’s finest “experimental theater” without getting into too much detail i came away with similar observations but no real understanding of these “avant-guard/elitist” spectacles.

  1. all of the performances i attended had moments where many people were laughing at nothing in particular. was it nervous laughter?
  2. if richard foreman is making a statement against the “avant-guard/elitist” perspective by using its theatrical language, how isn’t this another “avant-guard/elitist” statement? it all seems to be commentary about artistic battles that were fought 20 years ago and have no meaning anymore. i think everybody who cared picked up their toys and have gone home.
  3. i have seen a lot of “shadow acting” where one character mimes behind the person currently speaking to accent various phrases in monologue. it is kind of a strange counterpoint, but i have to seen it often enough to say… enough now, it really doesn’t add anything and is obviously cliche on both coasts.
  4. dressing up in leather and chains to be edgy and hip isn’t working anymore.
  5. can i say again how scary it is to see 35 people laugh at nothing in particular?

i guess i know what it feels like to be a music neophyte going to a “modern music” concert. all of these productions were well reviewed and higly recommend (except corey who gave me the heads up on richard foreman). i think i’m pretty “with-it” and felt like i forgot my secret decoder ring for each performance. if anyone would care to explain what i’m missing or offer alternative productions i should see, i would be happy to try them out (in los angeles), but after this debacle i haven’t a clue where to start next.

i did take my wife to broadway with only mixed results. she had a real desire to see wicked (which after buying tickets online and applying for a new american express card to save $100 still cost me more than a few days of salary), and we both kinda enjoyed it but not at the prices we paid. it was one of those shows where for the character motivations to work out you had to forget everything that happened two scenes earlier. its probably best for teenage girls.

avenue q the best of any show i have seen in quite a while. best puppet sex ever!!! (although my violinist sam fisher prefers the uncut dvd versions in team america-world police) broadway may get pretty sappy, but its still intesting to see the new tricks in set design, choreography and costumes before they get watered down on their respective national tours. no matter if it is musical theatre or opera its not easy moving people around while singing and there are staging/design/choreography tricks to be learned from any show. i also really like how small the theatres are. tickets are expensive, but there really are not any bad seats.

homecoming 2004, chengwin vs. chunk

the surreal sporting event i ran into last weekend is now online with pictures. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

in the nyc

been in the nyc since friday night. living in new york is finding a way of enjoying the darkness -john cage more later…. Be the first to like. Like Unlike